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I started my creative writing group in 2005. After only one year six of our members had seen their names in print for the first time.
We have improved our writing skills, gained confidence through writing exercises and practice. We have met new people, gone to each other’s birthdays, weddings, and Christmas celebrations. We enjoy regular lunches, have hosted and presented the odd poetry evening, made lasting friendships and had fun. Sometimes we have had visiting speakers and found that they can be a useful source of ideas and information.

  • If you run, or take part in a creative writing group and are looking for ideas, look no further: you have arrived at your destination.
  • If you would like to start a creative writing group, this site is full of useful advice and ideas, and all of them tried and tested.
  • For budding writers looking for ideas and ways to get off the blank page we have a host of suggestions.


As coordinator of the group, whose experience and ideas you are invited to share, I have been a qualified teacher for over twenty years, a one time judge of professional theatre, a lifetime scribbler of both prose and poetry and, most of all, an enthusiastic lover of words, language, stories and poetry. My writing group is the highlight of my week.




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  1. louise

    Hi Facebook worked too xx

  2. writersend

    Well done. Thanks Loiuise. Do ask Hannah to have a look and let me know what she thinks. Is she writing anything at the moment?

  3. Bill Rogers

    A great project Sue. I look forward participating in some small way in the future.

    Best Wishes


  4. Sue Almond

    Thank you for your support Bill. It is really appreciated. Congratulations on finishing the latest book. I have just bought The Cave and look forward to catching up with Tom Caton’s latest adventures. Sue

  5. Luz Jorge

    Today I had a very exciting journey in Costa Teguise with the Writing group in Susan ´s place.
    Very instructive and lot of fun at the same time .

    Gracias a todos.
    Hasta la próxima semana.


  6. writersend

    Great to have you in the group Luz. Our first Spanish member! Welcome and I am so glad you enjoyed it. Sue

  7. gina

    Hi Sue. Thank you so much for asking me to join your writing group. As you know it took me a long time to make my mind up, but am glad I went for it. I did so enjoyed it People there were really kind, and helpful, story writing is something I have always wanted to have a go at but didn’t think I would be any good, but I am not bad. So anyone out there wants to be a budding writer have a go. Gina

  8. Sue Almond

    Welcome to the writing group Gina. It is fantastic that in just a couple of weeks you are already gaining confidence and feeling so enthusiastic. You have a nice style for the kind of stories you like to write and I think you are going to get a real buzz out of writing.

  9. Patricia Maw

    I was so pleased I discovered Sue’s Writing Class when I was in Costa Teguise in Jan/Feb. Even though I was only able to go to three of them it inspired me to carry on with my writing. Thanks to Sue I sold a piece on My Favourite Book to TAB’s Fiction Feast (I chose The Moment by Douglas Kennedy) and would not have done it if it hadn’t been for the Group.
    Thanks, also, Sue for publicising my book No More Secrets – it’s a real thrill to see it up there. See you all next year, I hope.

  10. writersend

    Thank you for those kind words Tricia. I am so glad that we met at the Book Club and you realized I was the person you had looked for last year. It is great for us that people like yourself come on holiday and find things to join in. You gave us a few new ideas and insights too, from your experience and I hope we are going to keep in touch and that we will see you again on your next visit . Please tell your friends, and the members of your writing group in England, about our competition. It is a fun exercise, but all good practice. Good luck with the book sales. I will be writing a review on Amazon when I get a spare few minutes. Sue

  11. Harry Dunn

    Hi Sue,
    Many thanks for connecting through Twitter. I often visit Lanzarote and wrote much of my debut novel (Smile of the Viper) there. The sea really does give me inspiration.
    It is great to know there is a thriving writing group on the Island. I often wondered if there was one.
    I hope we will have the chance to meet up and in the meantime I wish you and everyone in the group a great 2014.
    With Best Wishes,

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