March 2013 archive

Mar 30

Story Cubes – Rory’s Story Cubes.

Story Dice

Story Cubes Session 12 I found these on Amazon, quite reasonably priced and a great resource for all ages. The symbols can be interpreted in any way and this makes them totally flexible, fun but capable of sparking ideas for a really good story. The are called Rory’s Story Cubes. I bought them from Amazon …

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Mar 25

Figures Of Speech

Figures Of Speech   Sometimes what we read is not meant to be taken literally, it may need to be interpreted. If something is ‘literal’ then it means what it says, clearly and simply, exactly as written. Figurative language, needs to be interpreted. It is useful to aid description, provoke imagination and create imagery, especially …

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Mar 22


Reflection Session 11 You need to ask the group members, at the end of the previous session, to bring a small mirror to class. Make sure you have a few small, cheap mirrors in case some forget. Ask the members to look in a mirror and to remain quiet and still, looking in the mirror …

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Mar 21

Introducing Poetry And Verse

Introducing Poetry And Verse What is the difference between poetry and verse? The purists will tell you that there is a huge difference, there is a more formal structure to poetry, it obeys conventions, it is more serious in its choice of subject matter and more thought provoking, deep and profound. It maybe brooding and …

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Mar 18

Words From Context

Words from context. Many of you will remember the TV Panel game, ‘Call my Bluff’ in which teams competed to work out, or guess, the meanings of obscure words. Three members of a team each read out a definition of the same word, elaborating and embellishing eloquently, especially the two who were telling lies! The …

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Mar 12

Visual Stimuli: Pictures

Visual Stimuli: Pictures Session 10 A cheap and simple, but effective resource is a good selection of pictures cut from magazines, comics, newspapers etc. (It is useful, if you have the time, to mount them on card as you will be able to reuse them in different ways and they will stand up to more …

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Mar 10


Limericks Some people are nervous of poetry. There is a mystique about it for those who have never ‘got into it’. They tend to say they don’t like it, although they often change their mind once they have tried it and understand that whilst everyone is not a talented poet, poetry is accessible to all …

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Mar 08

What Do You Think Of It So Far?

What Do You Think Of It So Far? (A brief summary of the first ten sessions) If you have been following the group sessions on this site, as exercises for yourself or with others in a group, there is some value in stopping now and then, to review what has been covered. You may choose …

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Mar 06

Journalism and Writing Articles

Journalism and Writing Articles   I was writing regularly for a magazine and when I told them I was going to Sri Lanka they commissioned this piece: Discovering another island: a personal reflection. We flew towards the sunrise as we approached Sri Lanka. The outskirts of Colombo; busy, noisy, horns blaring, cars, motor bikes, tuk …

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Mar 04

Language In Conflict

Language In Conflict Session 9 Prior to this session collect a selection of suitable magazines and newspapers, including local newspapers. You need reports of crimes, court reports and reviews of books, films, plays. Also ask members to read, and if possible cut out and bring in, further examples. Copies of one or more novels by …

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