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Some people are nervous of poetry. There is a mystique about it for those who have never ‘got into it’.
They tend to say they don’t like it, although they often change their mind once they have tried it and understand that whilst everyone is not a talented poet, poetry is accessible to all and enjoyable
I have found that even my reluctant poets are happy to have a go at limericks. As a way in, it is fun, easy, rewarding; anyone can do it and usually it is possible, when they realise that, to coax people into a slightly more ambitious attempt at verse, thus pleasing the members who actually want to do some poetry and verse.

As an ice breaker at the start of a session, or a filler in the last half hour or even a homework, give a few examples and get them to have a try.

(Did you know they have nothing to the place in Ireland called Limerick and no-one actually knows why they are called limericks?)

Jim´s Limericks:

Sold and well heeled

I knew an old boy name of Hughes
Whose feet called for number 12 shoes.
Hunting bargains in town,
In a shop closing down,
He found some…Four threes and six twos.
Ah, sweet mystery of prunes!

If a prune is a plum dehydrated
There’s a problem which has me fixated.
Dehydrated means dried;
Nothing moist left inside.
Tell me how then is prune juice created?

Short changed (with acknowledgements)
My limericks all end line one….
Which, as you know, just isn’t done.
Lines two through to five
Never seem to arrive,
But this one just went on and on.

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