April 2013 archive

Apr 26

Everyday Objects As Stimuli

Everyday Objects As Stimuli   Session 18 Part 1 Starting with a mundane item the group are going to be asked to go straight into using their imagination: Place a chair in a space and invite everyone to look at it. Let the mind wander as freely as possible. Squint the eyes, or close them …

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Apr 24

A Bit More Poetry

A Bit More Poetry Session 17 You will need to get copies of a couple of poems which are easily found on the internet or in The Oxfords Book of Children´s Poems: ‘The Land of Counterpane’ and ‘Escape at Bedtime’, both by Robert Louis Stevenson. Also two real favourites by John Masefield: ‘Sea Fever’ and …

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Apr 23

A Story That Must Be Told. Nº2

Number 2 in the series: A Story That Must Be Told Leon By Sue Almond In 1995 I was teaching at a High School in the North of England and on a particular Parents’ Evening I met a lady, who was wearing a gold, Star of David, pendant. I was unaware of any Jewish pupils …

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Apr 21

Let’s Try Some Poetry

Let’s Try Some Poetry       The idea for this session came from The Creative Writing Course Book Ed. Julia Bell and Paul Magrs a resource which I found invaluable when I began my first writing group in 2005. Session 16 This may be two sessions depending on time and numbers. You need to …

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Apr 19

Pass It On – Fun Activity

Pass It On Sometimes you need an activity to insert into a session because only two or three members have turned up that week so the discussion does not take long, or maybe you have decided that you needed to split the previous session, but do not need a full session to complete the exercise. …

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Apr 16

A Story That had To Be Told

A Story That had To Be Told   Sometimes people say they have trouble thinking what to write about. Other times you find a story that is so uplifting or thought provoking, or just fascinating in some way, that you just want to share it. This is one: Many great musicians have struggled in obscurity, …

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Apr 15

Books, Books and More Books for World Book Day.

Books and Rose

Books, Books and More Books for World Book Day.   How can two famous writers both have 23 April as the anniversary of their death and have died 11 days apart? I’ll come back to that, get your thinking caps on. St George´s Day, 23 April is celebrated in England, as St George is the …

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Apr 09

Writing Inspiration

Kitchen Items

Making Yourself Clear! Session 15 Part 1 Display a selection of unusual objects such as you might expect some people not to have seen before. I had an unusual egg-separator, two items for opening stiff container lids, an antique lemon squeezer, a steel soap (for removing smells from hands), a mini cheese melter, a poaching …

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Apr 07

More Revision and Editing

The Dice   The Dice by Sandie The sound of something heavy rattling, ominously around inside the box was distracting. He turned it over and over, from hand to hand, all the time he was talking. I knew it was serious then. He had always been so precious about that box of wooden dice. He …

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Apr 03



Revising Session 14 Display three objects. Look at them for two or three minutes. Allow the mind to play around with whatever comes up. Choose one as a stimulus and write for about 15 minutes/ 500 words (?) Discuss briefly what was chosen and types of pieces written – a story, a poem……. (In a …

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