May 2013 archive

May 28

Writing To Create Atmosphere

Writing To Create Atmosphere   Session 20 Reminder: words to describe sounds: Onomatopoeia works well eg ticking, click, clunk, tapping and also alliteration eg a carpet of crinkly, crisp autumn leaves associations: use comparisons, similes, metaphors… creating empathy in the reader and/or curiosity. Refer to common sounds, feelings experiences. Look together at the sheet: Figurative …

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May 24

Where To Start

Where To Start?   ‘Start at the beginning and go on to the end….’ says the King, in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, but the skills for Kingship are not necessarily the same as those needed by writers, so this might not be the best advice. It is not always best to start at the beginning …

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May 21

Villanelle: A Fixed Verse Form

Villanelle: A Fixed Verse Form One of our earliest members,currently spending time with her family in Australia, decided to try the Villanelle form of poetry and examples of her work are included below. Villanelle is a highly structured poetic form, descended from choral dance song, in which a vocalist, usually female, sang the unique lines …

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May 19

Lanzarote Ironman 2013

Lanzarote Ironman 2013 A personal reflection by Sue almond At this fantastic international event the first competitor I spoke to, apart from calling encouragement to every one of the 1,721, as they passed, turned out to be from my home town in the UK! Well done Andrew and the rest of the cycling club from …

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May 19

Book Reviews By Creative Writing Group Members

Book Reviews By Creative Writing Group Members As a writing exercise members of my Creative Writing Groups were asked to write a book review. It is intended that we publish a selection here, starting with: THE ESSENTIAL JUNG: Selected writings introduced by Anthony Storr (paperback). A superb intellectual insight into the hidden region of the …

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May 17

More Poetry

Poems We were given a number of household items to choose from and after handling them and writing down whatever words/phrases/thoughts the object brought to mind, we were asked to write a poem inspired by the exercise. I chose a rubber doorstop with a clown on it and here is the poem…… Take a magic …

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May 13

Lanzarote: Unspoiled Island

Lanzarote: Unspoiled Island. By Sue Almond It is a fact that there is only one ‘high -rise’ building on the whole of the island of Lanzarote. The Gran Hotel in Arrecife, the capital, stands out as an easily identifiable landmark from land, sea and air.   One of the reasons why so much of the …

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May 10

The Drinker’s Lullaby

Poetry:The Drinker’s Lullaby We have noted, in Session 17, how poetry can be nostalgic and simple in form (Robert Louis Stevenson’s poems) and we have listened to the rhythms and figurative language of John Masefield. You can often say more, in fewer words in poetry and also, maybe find it easier to express things that …

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May 08

Capturing The Setting

Capturing The Setting Session 19 (You need a copy of ‘The Ghost’ by Robert Harris for this session.) Read out from page 107 of Robert Harris: The Ghost, the brief but evocative ‘description’ of the 60s. Make a list of words events characters etc that you would mention if you were trying to capture the …

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May 07

Writing Reviews

Reviews It is intended that we regularly add book reviews to this page and we invite visitors to submit their reviews for inclusion. We reserve the right not to include any material that we do not think is appropriate. Writing Reviews The purpose of a book review is to inform, and to help the reader …

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