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A World Wide Activity For Writers on Lanzarote

A World Wide Activity For Writers on Lanzarote

Writing clubs and writing groups can be found all over the world. It is an immensely popular activity for would-be serious writers and people who just want to have a go, retired folk who want keep their minds active and some who just enjoy the company.
There has been a Creative Writing Group on the island of Lanzarote since 2005 and as of March 2013 there are still some of the original members taking part. We meet every Friday morning in Costa Teguise.
People come and go as circumstances and work schedules change; swallows, who only spend half the year here, leave and return again next year; sometimes people who are on holiday join us for just a week or two.

Two visitors, Trish Maw, a short story writer, whose first novel came out on 27 February 2013 and Karin Rick, a successful Austrian author, are now Visitors on my blog You can find details of their work under ‘Visitors’.

A published poet from Wales and a writer of soaps, who has written for Coronation Street, are also amongst the many guests speakers we have had at the meetings. We really enjoy having some new faces and fresh ideas so anyone on holiday who would like to join us is more than welcome to get in touch and come along. If you are a complete beginner who would like to give it a try, or an experienced writer at any level, we would be happy to meet you.

The constant variety, and changing combinations of participants, means there are always fresh perspectives and input. The discussions that follow writing exercises change in character and the work never gets repetitive or stale.

There is a second much newer group, in Puerto del Carmen. Actually it is my fourth group as I ran a junior group for 9 – 14 year olds, for a couple of years and hope to find a suitable venue to start another group for youngsters soon. I also tried a ten week evening course for a small number of keen people who could not come to morning sessions.

But you can stay in touch, join in and find out more about what we do by looking regularly at our blog: writersend.com where you will find lots of tips and advice about writing, descriptions of our writing sessions, our fun activities and a new monthly Free Story Writing Competition which you can enter, on line, from anywhere in the world.

You can find me, Sue, and my blogging partner Marc on Facebook at
WritersEnd Creative Writing and you can also follow us on Twitter @writersend

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