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Capturing The Setting

Capturing The Setting

Session 19

(You need a copy of ‘The Ghost’ by Robert Harris for this session.)

Read out from page 107 of Robert Harris: The Ghost, the brief but evocative ‘description’ of the 60s.

Make a list of words events characters etc that you would mention if you were trying to capture the following periods in a similar length piece:
The 1920s
The 1940s

Share, discuss and agree the distinctive and essential ‘ingredients’.

Choose one of the above and now try writing your paragraph to capture the era in narrative.

Choose another period, not so far mentioned and do the same.

Share and discuss.

The same works for places:

Brainstorm and list the things you would include in a description of: London; Disneyland

NB It does not always matter if you have not been there if the place is famous enough and you include the ‘right’ things.

Share, discuss and agree the distinctive and essential ingredients.

Depending on time write up one of the above trying to capture the essence and evoke the place in your reader’s mind.
Share and discuss as per time.

Lastly, or as a homework:
Brainstorm and make a list of the things you would include in a 500 word description of a place where you have lived or where you live now and write it as a short article.
Write a positive piece that might encourage someone to visit and try to find some lesser known facts to include if possible. You might wish to focus on a particular aspect of the history, cultural heritage or significance if appropriate. Try to find an interesting opening that is arresting in some way if you can so that the readers’ interest is piqued.

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