June 2013 archive

Jun 30

César Manrique

Cactus Garden

César Manrique And The island Of Lanzarote By Sue Almond. The Tate galley in London has some of his paintings, he had an exhibition at the Catherine Viviano Gallery in new York in the 1960s and has enjoyed fame in many parts of the world, as well as in Spain, but César Manrique’s most unique …

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Jun 28

Writing to Inform/Express Opinion

Writing to Inform/Express Opinion: Reviews Session 23 NB: Ask the members, at the previous session, to read the following post, on the blog writersend.com, before the class http://writersend.com/2013/05/07/writing-reviews/ Make copies of the following article (* to*) to hand out for members. Read the following: * Reviews. The purpose of a review is to inform, and …

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Jun 24


Reviews THE GOOD FATHER By Noah Hawley This is a very thought provoking book which has a great deal to say about the lasting effects on children of traumatic experiences and what parents inflict on them, even with the best of intentions. When they are too busy, when they justify spending too little time with …

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Jun 20

Writing to Persuade

Writing to Persuade Session 22 If you are writing to persuade you first need to consider your audience. An advertisement or article in a specialist journal about a gadget or quite sophisticated piece of equipment will use terminology that assumes considerable existing knowledge on the part of the reader. The presumption is that only someone …

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Jun 16

Lanzarote Where Sometimes, ‘Less Is More.’

Lanzarote Penguins

Lanzarote Where Sometimes, ‘Less Is More.’   By Sue Almond Imagine the pace of life on Sundays, as they used to be in England 50 years ago; a day of gentle relaxation but with Lanzarote weather, in which to stroll down to your favourite bar, meet friends, have a barbecue, go the beach, or just …

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Jun 12

Why do you write?

Why do you write? (A forum question, found on the Internet, April 2013)   The fact that I felt compelled to write on this topic, when it turned up on a writing Forum, is part of the answer. I do recommend all wannabe writers should think about this question. The answer might be instructive in …

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Jun 03

Salt Carpets of Lanzarote

Salt Carpets of Lanzarote   Every year for the weekend of Corpus Cristi families and social groups gather in the streets of Arrecife, and to make fabulous salt carpets around the main square in front of the Church of San Gines and the surrounding streets. One of the nicest things about this fiesta is the …

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Jun 03

Descriptive Language, Strong Imagery And Writing To Persuade.

Descriptive Language, Strong Imagery And Writing To Persuade.0 Session 21 (You might like to make copies of the passage about India * -* to hand out.) We need to think carefully about adjectives that we use. Some are clichéd, overused, too sentimental….. Strong adjectives are usually more effective and weak ones can be so banal …

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