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Why do you write?

Why do you write?

(A forum question, found on the Internet, April 2013)


The fact that I felt compelled to write on this topic, when it turned up on a writing Forum, is part of the answer.

I do recommend all wannabe writers should think about this question. The answer might be instructive in thinking about what you should be writing, how much commitment you really have and what you feel you get out of it.
If the honest answer is ‘I just want to write best seller and make a fortune’ there is nothing wrong with that but it would be as well to be realistic about the prospect; the competition, the lack of big profits except for blockbuster, or successful books that are turned into films the amount of work involved. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I instinctively feel that writing helps me to clarify my thoughts and express them in a satisfying way, satisfying to me at least. Sometimes thoughts on a topic are swirling around in my head for a while until I have a go at ordering them in writing and somehow it becomes easier to untangle them, not necessarily in one go but the process begins as soon as I start to write them down. Needless to say I am a great writer of lists!
I cannot remember a time when I did not want to write and I pestered my patents for a typewriter at an early age as writing my stories on paper, folded in half to create pages and hand stitched down the spine rather than stapled, did not seem professional enough to my seven year old self. I
really wanted to be a famous author then!

Later, I think teaching was something I enjoyed, and felt satisfaction in, partly because it had that same element of ordering thoughts and ideas and presenting them in a digestible form; designing and preparing materials was never a chore, always a pleasure.
Had I not become a teacher I think I would have liked to be a full time journalist, either an investigative journalist or a travel writer. I do enjoy writing short stories but get just as much pleasure out of preparing materials for my creative writing groups and my blog and I loved writing magazine articles, which I have done quite a bit of, and still find time to do occasionally.

I was always a prolific letter writer and now use e-mail to keep in touch and send my news to friends all over the world. I cannot imagine a day when I did not write something. I am also a great talker and I love to argue and debate. I guess I just love words. I love exploring their origins and connections, finding new words, turning ‘chewy’ words round and around and enunciating alliterative and onomatopoeic words and putting them in order. It helps me to make sense of the world and if I write something that other people enjoy reading that is a bonus and, if I am honest, gives me a buzz!
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