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Lanzarote Where Sometimes, ‘Less Is More.’

Lanzarote Where Sometimes, ‘Less Is More.’


By Sue Almond

Imagine the pace of life on Sundays, as they used to be in England 50 years ago; a day of gentle relaxation but with Lanzarote weather, in which to stroll down to your favourite bar, meet friends, have a barbecue, go the beach, or just sit on your balcony with a glass of wine and a good book.

The use of noisy equipment, like cement mixers and electric drills, is illegal on Sundays and Fiestas. Outside the resorts, business and commerce close from Saturday lunchtime until Monday morning ensuring that Sunday is a day of peace and relaxation and for the locals, very much a family day.
Lanzarote has three main resorts: Puerto del Carmen; Costa Teguise; Playa Blanca, each with their own character and lots to do. But away from the resorts you can find absolute peace and quiet, more wildlife than you probably imagine and, especially in Springtime, the wild flowers are breathtaking. Because there are fewer flowers and plants than in England, the British visitors and ex-pats, in particular appreciate them all the more.
You can still find a quiet beach, on Lanzarote which you can have virtually to yourself and there are walks on which you might not meet another soul. There is less noise, less stress, less pressure, not to mention less pollution, less traffic, less crime and violence, less litter…..
For those who want to be more energetic Lanzarote offers plenty of choice. With two golf courses, water-sports, parascending, glass bottomed boat rides, a water-park, Lanzarote’s own football team (which plays at home on Sunday mornings), delightful local markets, coach tours, two marinas, fishing, theme parks and a Bird Park, where we even have penguins, as well as the beaches, bike hire and reasonably priced car hire Lanzarote really does have something for everyone.
Lanzarote Penguins
The shops and restaurants in the resorts cater for all tastes. There are quality shops, selling designer clothing, jewelery and other items made by local artisans.
If you want to eat where the locals eat you will find delightful local bars and restaurants with a great menu of genuine local fare and tapas at extremely reasonable prices especially, in the little towns and villages away from the resorts. Why not try the Canarian potatoes and mojo sauces with the fresh fish, rabbit or other Canarian specialties that you will find on a typical Lanzarote menu? In the resorts the choice is endless, everything from a cheap and cheerful snack menu to high class restaurants that serve meals of the highest quality and standard.
Lanzarote Tapas
You can travel the wine route and see how the local wines are grown in the unique Lanzarote style whereby each vine sits in a hole on the hillside, covered with ‘picon,’ which is the fine, gravel-like material from the volcanoes. This holds moisture, from the heavy dews, and prevents the sun from baking the soil. The individual vines are surrounded by a semi-circular dry-stone wall, called zocos, to protect them from the wind. In this way an island with minimal rainfall can have the production of wine as its second largest industry.
La Geria
Why not visit the bodegas and sample the wines? They have been famous in Europe since Elizabethan times, when Shakespeare was paid an annual stipend, as poet laureate, partly in money and partly in Canary wine!
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