August 2013 archive

Aug 29

THE BOOK THIEF by Markus Zusak

THE BOOK THIEF by Markus Zusak I was not prepared for this book. I did not expect it to be such an emotional read! Death, as the narrator, is very effective. I liked the bulletins and summaries and the unusual use of language which works brilliantly to evoke meaning through quirky use of vocabulary and …

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Aug 27


Titles Have you ever noticed how many successful books have titles that are quotes, or familiar phrases from somewhere else? A quick browse on Amazon will show you how many titles have a familiar ring to them. If you are trying to choose a title for your own work it is worth looking at lists …

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Aug 24

Writing to Explore Perception

Writing to Explore Perception   Session 27 Whenever we have the same stimulus for everyone in the group we always find that someone comments on how different the responses and results are, given that we use the same starting point. Taking that idea on board this session deliberately sets out to explore the range of …

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Aug 23

Writing As Therapy

Writing As Therapy Session 26 This is meant to be alight hearted exercise, a chance to vent and get things in proportion. We all know the frustration of suddenly being without something we take for granted. What difficulties might someone encounter in the following circumstances: Someone with a full-time job finds themselves without their car …

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Aug 20

Writing to Summarise

Writing to Summarise Session 24 You will need to select one or more suitable newspaper stories or magazine articles and photocopy them for the group. A selection of highlighter pens would be useful. Also photocopy and give out the following handout * to * . NB.This can be found on the blog: in ‘Advice …

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Aug 17

In Your Own Words

In Your Own Words (For a group you will need the correct number of copies of the speeches which are reproduced below * to*) Take one of the Shakespeare speeches, Polonius’ speech to his son Laertes as he is about to leave to live in Paris, from ‘Hamlet’. or ‘All the world’s a stage…’ a …

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Aug 12

From Writer to Author in Easy Steps.

We are very excited to introduce the first of a series of guest blog posts by successful crime author Bill Rogers who is also featured on this website as a visitor and friend of our writing group. Bill has promised, in his own words to ” …….take folks from first steps right through to self-publication, or sending off …

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Aug 09

Writing to Explore a Theme or Issue

Writing to Explore a Theme or Issue Session 28 Sometimes the inspiration for a story is the story itself. The starting point may be a real incident, something overheard, a ‘what if’ scenario, something that we have just imagined, daydreamed, invented… Once the outline of a plot is created the characters start to take on …

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Aug 06

Divine Passive Voice

Divine Passive Voice The ‘active voice’ is the one most often used in story telling as it is the most straightforward It says who did what; a clearly identified perpetrator performs an action. The drunk driver caused the accident. The child threw a stone. The chaplain rang the bell. Using the ‘passive voice’ is different …

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