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Writing to Explore Perception

Writing to Explore Perception


Session 27

Whenever we have the same stimulus for everyone in the group we always find that someone comments on how different the responses and results are, given that we use the same starting point.
Taking that idea on board this session deliberately sets out to explore the range of things that people come up with from the same word, or short phrase.

We may think of different things for all sorts of reasons when we hear a word or phrase. Lots of things have different meanings or are ambiguous in the English language and may evoke different ideas depending on lots of factors including our mood, recent events in our lives, background, education…….

Think about the following words and ask the members to jot down one or more story-lines for each; one liners that come to mind eg. Journeys: someone is persuaded to give someone a lift, on a journey that they do not really want to take.

  • Stripping
  • Eating out
  • Journeys
  • In the bag
  • Drawers
  • Drinks
  • Lamplight
  • Red Tape

Share and discuss, suggesting what type of story these story-lines might become, which lend themselves to a particular genre, whether any would be a good idea for a poem…..

Choose one and write for 20 minutes.
Share and discuss.

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