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Get Active on Lanzarote

Get Active on Lanzarote

by Sue Almond

Relaxation and a chance to recharge the batteries are what most people want from a holiday. If, for you, that means lying on a sun bed with a book all day and eating out in the evening that is fine. You can certainly do that on my favourite island of Lanzarote, in the Canary Islands.
For most people though, even if they can stand quite a bit of that kind of luxurious idling there is also a recognition that a change really is as good as a rest and it is a new activity, a fresh challenge, leading to a sense of achievement that gives the most satisfaction.
I saw someone parascending yesterday in Puerto del Carmen and that, I can attest to, is enormous fun. There are so many activities that you really could do something different every day: snorkelling, swimming, body boarding, bike hire, jeep safaris, guided walks in the mountains, pony trekking, fishing, boat trips, there is a yellow submarine, a catamaran day- out ,which is enormous fun, there are routes and paths for walking and jogging; and I have not even mentioned the coach trips, places of interest, like the Fire Mountain, caves, castles and markets.
Many people come to follow a sporting activity that they already enjoy. In the north of the island is a complex with every facility for real athletes who want to keep up their training, or start their outdoor training early in the year, before the weather makes that feasible in much of Europe. As far as I know they don’t have skiing but that must be about all that is missing!
Around the coast there are all sorts of water sports. There is sometimes a little touch of envy as the aficionados carry their wind surf sails down to the beach or kit up ready for a dive, a feeling of ‘I wish I could do that.’
But these people are not a special breed. The activities are available for everyone and the complete beginner will be welcomed with open arms; after all if you have a good time they hope you will come back!
My granddaughter has just done a scuba diving course and as she is a sporty type and already enjoys swimming and surfing , it came as no surprise that she was hooked on day one!
She completed a course, with an exam and first qualification which can be done in a week. She stayed for a total of three weeks doing a total of fifteen dives and is hoping to come back in the autumn and for ‘a couple of months’ next year! Oh, and her sister wants to give it a try too!I have tried it, though I have not done a course, and it really is a fabulous experience.
Just for the record the course cost between three and four hundred euros, which includes hire of all equipment, full insurance, transport to and from the dive sites and all the administration of the exam and initial membership of either PADI or BSAC (the two internationally recognised diving organisations). As she had trained with them she was offered a discount on the dives she went on after the course, which I think is standard practice.
We priced up wind surfing as she would like to give that a try too. In the end she did not have time this trip as she was too busy diving. The cost, at the centre where I enquired was €40 for the first lesson of one and a half hours but the good news was that the price per session went down depending on the number of sessions. Three lessons for €100 and five €150.
These activities may not sound cheap but you only need to do the initial training once and the thrill of mastering a new skill and participating in an exciting water sport is worth every penny. Even the diving probably costs no more that trying one or two different activities and a couple of trips out so if it is what you plan to do on the holiday you will obviously budget for it.
Whatever you do, enjoy your holidays, they are precious in our busy lives. A sense of achievement, some photos of you doing something new, a feeling that you have joined in and almost certainly made new friends will help to keep you going, till next time.

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