October 2013 archive

Oct 28

From Writer to Author in Easy Steps Part 2

From Writer to Author in Easy Steps Part 2 You can read part one by clicking the link at the end of this post     Writing Your Début Novel; ‘From Writer to Author in Easy Steps Part 2’, by successful detective fiction writer, Bill Rogers, continues the series that promises ‘….to take folks from …

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Oct 25

Colourful Writing

Colourful Writing   Session 33 Write a short description/opening, between 100 and 200 words each, for three of the following. Try to make them colourful in that they reveal something about the characters and their moods or dispositions. 1.A grave is being dug, by a single digger, who is alone. It is raining. 2.A lady …

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Oct 23

Poem by Lyn

Poem by Lyn     This poem by Lyn, a member of my original Creative Writing Group, was written as a response to the way she observed people treating her disabled son-in-law. We were discussing using poetry to express strong feelings and this, along with Sandie’s poem ‘The Drinker’s Lullaby’, was one of the resulting poems …

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Oct 21

Book Reviews Bee Season by Myla Goldberg and 11.22.63 by Stephen King

Book reviews Bee Season by Myla Goldberg and 11.22.63 By Stephen King   Book Reviews Bee Season by Myla Go ldberg Eliza, an ‘unremarkable’ nine year old discovers an aptitude for competitive spelling. Her success undermines the dynamics of the gifted Naumann family. Father, Saul absorbed in mysticism, her mother, a distant but brilliant lawyer …

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Oct 17

Developing Plot in Fiction

Developing Plot in Fiction   Session 34 ‘Atmosphere, scenery, setting, background, also sub-plots and secondary characters; In a book these are layers of meaning, some clearly set out, some more subtle, requiring the reader to make connections and deductions for themselves. Some are deliberately misleading to keep the reader guessing…. Some readers say plain description …

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Oct 10

Book Review – ‘The Universe versus Alex Wood’ and ‘How We met’

Book Review – ‘The Universe versus Alex Wood’ and ‘How We met’ The Universe Versus Alex Woods by Gavin Extence A strangely compelling, coming of age, book with an unusual but empathetic main character. Alex is an outsider, because he is bookish and his mother is a Tarot Card Reader, so he is a natural …

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Oct 07

Adding Colour in Story Telling

Adding Colour in Story telling   Particularly in short stories you cannot afford to waste words on too much detailed description and in any piece it can be more interesting if you just set the scene, not with direct description, but as the area where the action takes place. From beneath the car port, which …

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Oct 03

Writing Characters:Points of View

Writing Characters:Points of View Points of View Session 32 Writing task: A Family Gathering: Keep it tight. Choose one point of view but write in the third person. Choose one of the following:   1. A child behaves badly at a family gathering eg. Sulking or showing off and answering back. The parents feel embarrassed …

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