November 2013 archive

Nov 29

Writing Short Stories

Writing Short Stories   There is only one thing that you can say, with any certainty, about word length, when talking about writing short stories, and that is that there is no consensus on what it should be. Most sources agree that it should be less that 20,000 words but some say less than 7,500 …

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Nov 25

Word Association: Writing Session

 Word Association: Writing Session    Word association: writing session A simple word association writing session will show that words don’t always mean the same to everyone and sometimes a word has more than one meaning. Ask members to write down the first thing that comes into their head in response to the following words: Animal …

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Nov 20

Joining a Creative Writing Group

Joining a Creative Writing Group   People may consider joining a creative writing group for different reasons. There may be some absolute beginners who, perhaps have always fancied trying writing, or maybe they have a story that they desperately want to tell but just cannot get started. Some might be looking for an interesting way …

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Nov 15

Starting a Short Story

Starting a Short Story Session36 When we explore openings and ideas for starting a short story we always find it interesting to see what a variety of results we get from the same stimulus. Ask the members to place pencil and paper ready to start. We are going to invent a character who will feature …

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Nov 10

Book Review:The Wrong Side of the Tracks

Book review: The wrong Side of the Tracks                                                                    Book Review: The Wrong Side of the Tracks             …

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Nov 05

Characters in a Story

Characters in a Story  Session 35 We are going to look at getting to know characters in a story through their interaction.. Often the characters in a story or novel are known to each other. They may be family, friends, lovers, colleagues. This session starts with a group of strangers. Starting with character traits: It …

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