January 2014 archive

Jan 30

Book Review: Five Quarters of the Orange by Joanne Harris

Book Review: Five Quarters of the Orange by Joanne Harris   Five Quarters of the Orange by Joanne Harris, the writer perhaps best known as the author of the highly successful book and acclaimed film, ‘Chocolat’, once again brings us a captivating story of human frailty and individual strength. Her engaging characters are never sugary …

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Jan 24

Myths, Legends and Story telling

Myths, Legends and Story Telling Myths, legends and story telling   Way back in ancient times of myths, legends and story telling in the oral tradition, ballads were sung, epic stories of battles, and myths and legends were told through poetry and recitation. History was preserved and handed down this way. But some stories were …

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Jan 18

Writing exercises

Writing Exercises   It is always worth doing writing exercises and many successful writers use them to continue honing their skills. Just like physical exercise it tones the relevant parts and leaves you feeling good. If you have not got an idea for your next project; if you are suffering from a temporary writer’s block; …

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Jan 12

Using the Senses in Descriptive Writing

Using the Senses in Descriptive Writing   Session 38 Good vocabulary, and using the senses in descriptive writing, about places and situations can make us feel as if we are actually there. This enables the reader to empathise with the characters and what is happening. The more senses you appeal to the better this will …

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Jan 05

Character Profiles

Character Profiles   You need a list, a questionnaire which you can use to plan your character profiles and get to know your characters. Write yourself a list of facts and character traits that you think are, or might be, relevant and list them, roughly in order of importance. I suggest 30 to 50 questions …

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