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Writing exercises

Writing Exercises


It is always worth doing writing exercises and many successful writers use them to continue honing their skills.
Just like physical exercise it tones the relevant parts and leaves you feeling good.

If you have not got an idea for your next project; if you are suffering from a temporary writer’s block; if you just want to play around with a particular aspect of writing, for example POV, being more concise, editing a short first draft, improving the structure, changing a starting point or the tense, changing from first to third person……. provided that you carry a notebook – just filling time in an interesting and absorbing way on a journey, or if you are delayed at an airport! There are endless reasons why you might do writing exercises no matter what your level, skills or experience. It is like an athlete warming-up, keeping up a certain level of training even when there is no event, or specific challenge on the immediate horizon.

If you like to share ideas, discuss aspects of writing, just be in the company of other people who love writing, then a writing group is always a satisfying and productive way to spend a little time. Whole novels have come directly out of writing-group exercises, and some great short stories. Being in a group has given some members the confidence, and the knowledge of where to start, to submit their first story or enter their first writing competition.
Reading your pieces out loud to a supportive group gives you a perspective on your work that you might not otherwise bother with. Using a short piece to practice scrutinising what you have written, and checking that it really is exactly what you meant to say, can be illuminating and very satisfying. Inviting and giving constructive criticism and suggestions, in a ‘trusted’ group may be liberating.

Never underestimate the value of brainstorming. Bashing out a few ‘what ifs?’, ‘what nexts?’ alternative scenarios and styles, vocabulary, ideas, (verbally or on paper) releases the creative spirit, stimulates the imagination, allows you to be frivolous or serious as the mood takes you.

In any field, no matter how talented you are, practice develops skills, improves techniques, builds confidence, broadens abilities and experience, maybe even ‘makes perfect’!
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