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Visit by Gerry Kreibich to Lanzarote Creative Writing Group

Visit by Gerry Kreibich to Lanzarote Creative Writing Group
Friday 04 April 2014

We were very happy to have a visit by Gerry Kreibich, to Lanzarote Creative Writing Group recently in which he entertained us with anecdotes, liberally sprinkled throughout his very informative and interesting talk about journalism, and his experience as a lecturer in journalism at Richmond College in the 1970s and 1980s.
He highlighted a major change from the teaching of journalism in his day in that he could say then, with confidence that all the students in each new intake would, assuming that they completed the course, be able to work in journalism. Only six colleges offered courses in journalism in the early 1970s whereas there are so many courses on offer now that competition for jobs is fierce and it would be totally unrealistic to make such a prediction.

Gerry talked a little about the advent of computers and the changes for journalism and for teaching (and the exam system !) entailed in their introduction.

He gave us an exercise to do – reducing a 57 word piece to as few words as possible without losing any of the information – he correctly predicted that most of us would get it down to between 22 and 32 words, a skill often needed by journalists.
We discussed various types of writing style and the major difference between Journalism and Creative Writing, which is that ‘reporting’ should be simply informing without opinion or bias, unlike features, articles, comment pieces….

As well as full time courses the college offered block release courses to young journalists, giving them an opportunity to share their initial experiences and learn from each other as well as the lecturers. One story told of a young Jeremy Clarkson who may have undergone a vital seminal moment when he asked why another young journalist came along each week in a different car. He was told that he wrote a regular column in which he reviewed the cars – Hmmm!

Thanks to Gerry for sharing his experience with us.
You can find out more at http://www.teachingjournos.webeden.co.uk/


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