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Book Review: The Light between Oceans by M L Stedman


Book Review:The Light between Oceans

by M L Stedman

The Light between Ocean is the impressive first novel by M L Stedman.


Back from the horrors of the First World War, Tom takes a job as a lighthouse keeper, welcoming the peace and quiet, the routine and discipline of Janus Rock, half a day’s sail from the mainland of Western Australia. Isabel, his young wife goes with him but their lives are blighted by two miscarriages and a still birth.
Then, one fateful day a boat is washed up in which they find the body of a man and a tiny but living baby.
Desperate for a child Isabel convinces her husband that they should say nothing and keep the little girl as their own. They both fall in love with her but Tom’s conscience is troubled and inevitably the time comes when they discover who she really is and uncover the sad trail of events that led her to them.
The characters are well drawn, the book is well plotted and atmospheric, but it is a very emotional read.

Sue Almond
April 2014


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