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More Salt Carpets in Lanzarote 2014

More Salt Carpets in Lanzarote 2014



The annual celebrations of the fiesta of Corpus Christi brings us ‘More Salt Carpets in Lanzarote 2014’.


( Please click on the photographs to see them full size)


These amazing pictures, made in coloured salt every year, decorate the streets of the capital Arrecife as well as several other towns. The islanders have adapted the idea of carpets of flowers, which are in short supply on a volcanic island, to create their own unique pictures in something which they do have, and the production of which once provided a major industry; salt!


Local groups and families create their own designs around the square outside the Church of San Gines, the Patron Saint of Arrecife, and the surrounding streets.



It is always a pleasure to go along and view them under construction, from around 4pm onwards on Saturday sometimes continuing  into the early hours and to enjoy the atmosphere of quiet cooperation and dedication as the designs  gradually emerge.


Everyone returns in the morning, spruced up and smartly dressed for church, to see the finished items in daylight,  and join the procession after the service.




Some of the designs are still of religious themes but others reflect social cultural groups on the island or just pride in apects of the islands architecture or industry or their local area.P1020870P1020887


 And some are just a labour of love, hours of painstaking work seen just for a few hours the next day!


To see further designs from previous years and learn more about the salt carpets click here

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