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Using what we learn in the Writing Group

Using what we learn in the Writing Group



We want to feel that we are using what we learn in the Writing Group, not just practising the skills we pick out in the session but bringing into play those that we have focused on in previous weeks.

Homework: It would be useful to ask members to read the posts from that are referred to, before the session. (You can easily send them the links in an e mail before the class)
eg From the Group Sessions section:

Close First person, or Free Indirect Style, in which a characters ‘voice’ intrudes and provides insights into personality or thoughts, background etc in a third person narrative.

Detail and the blending of passive detail and dynamic detail to mimic the reality of how everything goes on as normal despite an individual’s crisis/preoccupation/tragedy etc and as part of moving a story on through time or space.

Pitching a character by providing a telling detail or an anecdotal brief description that is instantly recognisable, often needing just a single word or phrase to sum them up.



Write a passage that introduces a character or a scene, opens a story or a chapter trying to incorporate ideas from recent sessions that you have revised for homework. (20 minutes).
You may invent a scenario of your own or use one of the following:

  • Three armed people enter a village which appears to be deserted.
  • A woman with a small suitcase alights from a bus and sets off down a broad gated drive towards a large imposing building.
  • A bridegroom, and his best man approach a church where he is to be married.
  • A man urgently needs to get home but circumstances conspire to delay him.


Read out and discuss, noting examples of the skills mentioned above, and revised for homework, and/or opportunities to use them.

NB. Remember you are always free to use as a source of ideas and information and to revise some of the ideas in the sessions.


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