October 2014 archive

Oct 22

Themes in Books

Themes in Books NB. Read ‘Introduction to Planning and Plotting a Novel‘ in Advice and Information before the class There is at least one successful writer who chooses a theme first and says she spends six months studying and researching before starting to create characters and the storyline. Jodi Picoult chooses big themes, such as …

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Oct 16


Titles Have you ever noticed how many successful books have titles that are quotes, or familiar phrases from somewhere else? A quick browse on Amazon will show you how many titles have a familiar ring to them. If you are trying to choose a title for your own work it is worth looking at lists …

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Oct 11

The Girl who saved the King of Sweden

The Girl who saved the King of Sweden by Jonas Jonasson Review The heroine of The Girl who saved the King of Sweden, Nombeko Mayeki is a mathematical savant, and later it turns out, something of an all-round genius: Born in Soweto in 1961 her life expectancy was short and her opportunities limited, to say …

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Oct 04

Content, style and skill in your writing

Content, style and skill in your writing. We have demonstrated, in previous sessions that we can write about anything. Start today by asking everyone to write for 15 minutes about one of the topics in list A. Have a particular style in mind if possible, eg try to make it thought provoking, poignant, funny, or …

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