February 2015 archive

Feb 27

Poetic Reflections on Writing

Poetic Reflections on Writing   A few poetic reflections penned by Helen entirely during the party to celebrate ten years of Creative Writing on Lanzarote. ….escape to a world of dream and thought Where words will spill as methods are taught. What floats your boat, or makes you tick? Anything goes, just take a pick. …

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Feb 25

Ten Years (of Creative Writing)

TEN YEARS Chris Want, one of our original members has written this poem in celebration of ten years of Creative Writing in Lanzarote. We formed the group in February 2005 and celebrated with a party on 24 February 2015.   What is ten years? Nought but a flash, Barely a blink on earth’s fast dash …

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Feb 23

The Green Alarm Clock

The Green Alarm Clock   A story from Ray, written, from start to finish in a Creative Writing Group Session in which the brief was to bring to life and express the personality of a character that was an anthropomorphised, inanimate object.   I’m a green alarm clock or to be more specific, a green …

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Feb 21

A Writer’s Dream

A Writers Dream or How to paper the walls with rejection slips   I’d like to write for Mills and Boon Of heroes dark and handsome Or stories of suspense in which There’s kidnappings and ransom Erotic books of love and sex That Editors would bid for Purple prose on every page They’ll really flip …

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Feb 19

Fun Poetry from the Latest Workshop

Fun Poetry from the Latest Workshop   We had a very enjoyable writing workshop in Playa Blanca (Lanzarote) on Saturday 14th February and the group produced some super writing, including short stories, reflective pieces and some fun poetry: Poetry A Poem doesn´t have to rhyme It can but needn´t every time Times it does and …

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Feb 17

Getting it Right and Getting it Written

Getting it Right and Getting it Written   ……. don’t get it right, get it written” ….. we bashed this whole concept around for a while. The merits of revision (getting it right) after initial inspiration (getting it written)…..and then we had to write a passage inspired by the concept itself…..   “Don’t get it …

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Feb 13

Fun with Verse from Lynda

Fun with verse from Lynda   Poem – with apologies to Edward Lear How high the bushy fertile land He wrote it with an ampersand Dull and plastic, vibrant eight She shut the door & closed the gate It behoves me much to read and see This stupid poem – writ´ by me Clothes and …

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Feb 12

Bringing things to life in story telling

Bringing things to life in story telling Group Session PART 1 This session,’ Bringing things to life in story telling’ might usefully follow the session on writing essays which gave members an opportunity to think about anthropomorphism and metamorphosis. Ask them to write down: A farm animal                 …

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Feb 09

Poem: Loneliness

Poem:Loneliness.   Asked to write a short poem for the blog, Ray, in sombre mood submitted this reflective piece entitled: Loneliness Old man old man All alone Sit you yet in your Humble home? Dreaming of childhood Adolescence Your life past Your life present Friendships made Friendships lost You were never one To count the …

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Feb 01

Junior Creative Writing Workshop

Junior Creative Writing Workshop In The Art Room Some interest has already been shown in the possibility of a Junior Creative Writing Group meeting in the Art Room in Playa Blanca. A writing group gives children an opportunity to express themselves and explore their own creativity in a less formal atmosphere than school. English children …

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