Feb 21

A Writer’s Dream

A Writers Dream


How to paper the walls with rejection slips

Words From Context


I’d like to write for Mills and Boon
Of heroes dark and handsome
Or stories of suspense in which
There’s kidnappings and ransom

Erotic books of love and sex
That Editors would bid for
Purple prose on every page
They’ll really flip their lids for

Confession stories day by day
Come flowing from my pen
Historicals and Sagas too
Are not beyond my ken

My articles and interviews
Are humorous and witty
And when I have a moment spare
I’ll write another ditty

I go to writing classes
And I pick up all the tips
Why is it then that all I get
Are more rejection slips?

Patricia Maw, successful short story writer and published novelist has kindly shared this poem, A Writers’Dream, with us; the very first thing that she had accepted for publication in a magazine. ¬†That was a long time ago and Tricia has had many short stories accepted since and is the author of the novel ‘No More Lies’ available on Amazon.

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