March 2015 archive

Mar 28

Gone Again by Doug Johnstone

Gone Again by Doug Johnstone When a wife disappears the husband is always a suspect. When Mark Douglas receives a phone call from his son’s school to say that his wife has failed to collect their son, Nathan, he has a problem. His wife Lauren disappeared once before, six years ago, whilst suffering from post-natal …

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Mar 24

Writing Workshop Ice Breaker

Writing Workshop Ice Breaker At a first session of a new writing group or at the beginning of a workshop you may want an ‘ice breaker’ such as: Getting to know you Bingo To help us start to get to know each other’s names in a fun way we are going to move around the …

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Mar 20


Canada by Richard Ford Canada is an unusual book, not least in its title. There is one brief reference to Canada in Part One and the action does not move to Canada until Part Two, by which time you are half way through the book! The narrator, Dell begins by telling the reader that he …

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Mar 16

Bringing more things to life in stories

  Bringing more things to life in stories PART 2 (This is Part 2 of, and ideally should follow,  the session ‘Bringing things to life in story telling)’) Display a selection of items, eg opera glasses, bottle opener, tooth brush, candle, clock, crab, nutcracker, pen,egg timer etc Members should study the items, handle them if …

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Mar 12


Images The request for Members’ Work to post on the blog, to mark our 10 years of creative writing, brought responses from present and past members, from far and wide. Liz, now living in mainland Spain sent us this poem in which she uses the setting, and the weather to reflect the mood and emotions …

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Mar 08


Viewpoint Think about these ideas about viewpoint and then do the tasks. Discuss the following questions. If there are more than five members you could ask them to discuss them in smaller groups and then report back, for further discussion. Questions that you might consider when reading a story, and, just as importantly, if not …

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Mar 06

Stock Characters

Stock Characters Group Session Members should read the post ‘ Pitching a character’ on the blog before the session, ‘Stock Characters’ and remind them to feel free to click on related tags and links for further advice. Look at the list of expressions often used in descriptions of stock characters, or stereotypes, below and mentally note …

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Mar 02

A Letter to the Author

A Letter to the Author Character profiles are useful and some writers find them invaluable. There are examples available on line but you may find that it is better to make up your own and keep them, perhaps adding to them or modifying them. They make you ask questions about your characters to discover things …

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