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Writing Workshop Ice Breaker

Writing Workshop Ice Breaker


At a first session of a new writing group or at the beginning of a workshop you may want an ‘ice breaker’ such as:

Getting to know you Bingo

To help us start to get to know each other’s names in a fun way we are going to move around the room, as necessary, ask each other questions and fill in the squares below.
Try to get a different name in each square.
When you have a name in each square shout ‘Bingo’ (or if you are posh you may prefer to say, ‘I have completed the task’).



Someone who has a                                     Someone who wears                            Someone who knows

a pet.                                                            glasses.                                              someone who lives in another country

Name                                                              Name                                                                       Name



Someone who owns                                           Someone who has                                   Someone who can
something made in                                             the same colour or                                     ride a bike .
another country.                                                 make of car as you

Name                                                                     Name                                                                   Name


When the task is complete ask people to tell us about each other, encourage the use of names so that everyone gets a chance to hear them and start to get to know them.

(If it seems appropriate you might have a small prize or a sweet from the sweetie jar!)

Exchanging names and begin to relax with each other (good if we later want to work in groups).
Movement and talking to get the blood flowing before sitting for a while.
Start to think about how people introduce themselves or approach strangers generally.

(Anything we can do, characters in a story can do, nothing is wasted!)

NB Research, even in modern times with access to intenet sources sometimes involves simply asking!I If one of your characters is a traffic warden then ask yourself whether you actually know what a traffic warden does, on a day to day basis, during a shift? Who better to ask than a traffic warden? Asking questions of strangers, without being personal or intrusive, is a skill and should not be undervalued.


Move quite quickly to the next, planned activity.


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