June 2015 archive

Jun 28

Us by David Nicholls

Us By David Nicholls   Long-listed for the man Booker Prize, Us, by David Nicholls is a tender and poignant novel of great charm, wit and subtle humour. Douglas and Connie have planned a last family holiday with their son Albie before he goes off to University. Albie is less than wildly enthusiastic but Douglas …

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Jun 17

Visual Stimulus for your Writing

Visual Stimulus for your writing Teachers often use the old ‘pick a picture on the wall and write a story’ ploy with children. If they have lots of varied and attractive pictures on the wall it can be a great starting point. Sometimes pictures on a wall in a frequently used room are virtually ignored. …

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Jun 10

Dressing to set the scene

Dressing to set the scene   Ask the class to read the post ‘Establishing the setting’ before the class. Focus on clothing. It has always worked as a visual clue, on book covers (Ideally have a couple of good examples to hand) or in film for example where the period pieces are easily established, as …

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