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Writing away

Writing away


Writing away is a very simple but effective writing exercise which works well if there are quite a few members present to share their, often very varied responses.
It is also useful for extra practice of skills which have recently been covered. If  ‘viewpoint’ has been a recent topic then discuss the main points of the previous session(s) about that and remind the members to keep them in mind. Similarly you can remind them to focus on ‘setting’ or ‘characterisation’ or economy of language etc.
Ask everyone to make a list of phrasal verbs using the word ‘away’.
Eg working away, giving away, running away……..
After a few minutes share and discuss comparing different choices, similarities and what some of those that might be ambiguous mean to people, eg giving away might mean donating something to someone else; it might mean revealing a secret; sometimes it just means selling very cheaply…….
The point of the phrasal verb part of the exercise is really just to get everyone thinking and to demonstrate that what may seem like quite a limited starting point can give a lot of scope if you start to think around the brief for a few minutes.
Writing task:
Ask members to write a short story with the word ‘away’ in the title. This can be interpreted in any way the writer wants, the only criterion is that it must have the word ‘away’ in the title.
Allow about 20 minutes
Share and discuss
NB. You could make this a story or a poem, particularly if you have members who like to write poetry
Also you can reuse the format with different words and/or phrasal verbs eg sitting down, being down, cutting down…….
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