November 2015 archive

Nov 25

The Crooked House

The Crooked House By Cristobel Kent The prologue and first chapters of the Crooked House made me feel impatient; I thought they were rather disjointed and difficult to follow with too many strands to hold in my head. But, then I realised that this was cleverly mirroring Alison’s state of mind. Traumatised by the violent …

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Nov 15

More about Writing Titles

More about Writing Titles This is a follow on session to Titles (Add one or more titles, suggested by each member, to the list) Ninety seconds                           Watching Eagles Don’t Look Back                       …

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Nov 07

Marketing your Book. Part 2: Using facebook

Marketing your Book. Part 2: Using facebook Advertising works as evidenced by the millions spent on doing it by large successful companies, so marketing your book is vital. As every successful writer knows, the day when you dot the last ‘i’ and cross the last ‘t’ is not ‘The End’ especially in these days of …

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Nov 04

Marketing your Book Part 1. Getting it on the Shelves

Marketing your Book Part 1: Getting it on the Shelves Although we now have the ability to reach so many people so quickly through Social media, there is still a real place for footslogging when it comes to marketing your book. Traditionally, book shops are places where people have always been able to browse, handle …

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