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Marketing your Book. Part 2: Using facebook

Marketing your Book.
Part 2: Using facebook


Advertising works as evidenced by the millions spent on doing it by large successful companies, so marketing your book is vital.
As every successful writer knows, the day when you dot the last ‘i’ and cross the last ‘t’ is not ‘The End’ especially in these days of Self Publishing and Joint Publishing when so much of the marketing is down to the author.
If your book is published as a hard-back novel or a paperback then, just as the book is a physical object, the marketing involves a lot of physical slog. If it is only available as an e book then most of the marketing will also be ‘on-line’. Social media can be very useful for all types of books but you cannot take the product physically to the audience if has no physical being.
If you are not on facebook, join.

Collect ‘friends’ and seek out local pages and groups. For example where I live, in Lanzarote we have:

  • Need to Know Lanzarote
  • Lanzarote Book Reviews
  • Lanzarote Creative Writing Group
  • WritersEnd Creative Writing Group……
    ( You do not have to live in Lanzarote to find them but you do have to be on facebook!)
  • Their purpose suggests clearly that the members will be people interested in books and writing.
    Similar groups probably exist in every town so appeal to the local area. Everyone likes a local hero so advertising your success, in being published, where you are known is a must. That includes any town you have lived in, regularly visit, or have connection with of any kind. If your book is set abroad seek out the expat community in that area too.
    Write about the book on your facebook page, post frequently giving bits of news, updates, photographs of you at Book Signings and other events.

Invite comments and reviews and ask everyone you know, who is on facebook to ‘like’ and ‘share’. You can reach a large number of people very quickly and if they all ‘share’ with all their friends then it just grows like Topsy.


If you want to start a blog or have a web page then all your posts can be ‘recommended’ on facebook and, why not go the whole hog, on Twitter!
Some of my followers on Twitter have 60K or even 80K plus followers. If some of them retweet my posts then there is the potential for that many people to see them!
Focusing on books, hard or paperback, what can the author do themselves to get the book seen? Some things are more obvious than others but for the beginner it may help to know what sort of things you might start with, particularly those that do not cost a fortune.
Please see Marketing your Book Part 1 and please feel free to add suggestions and comments, particularly those who have done it themselves.


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