December 2015 archive

Dec 27


Punctuation Starting from very little information Explain: You are going to be given a short passage. Read it to yourself, carefully. Do not read it out loud or ask questions at this stage. Think about what could be happening, what could have happened so far leading up to this, who is speaking/writing, what might happen …

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Dec 12

Writing in Different Ways

Writing in different ways We are going to do three short pieces today and talk about different ways of writing about the same thing. 1. Write a short piece, a scene from a fictional story, in which someone is accused of something. eg A child is accused by a classmate of stealing from his coat …

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Dec 02

Titles of Best Sellers

Titles of Best Sellers Some titles are more memorable than others. A list of best selling books of all time invariably places The Bible at the top. Some famous books have no reliable sales figures but we are going to look at a list of best-selling, or famous titles, most of which have sold between …

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