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Titles of Best Sellers

Titles of Best Sellers

Some titles are more memorable than others.
A list of best selling books of all time invariably places The Bible at the top.
Some famous books have no reliable sales figures but we are going to look at a list of best-selling, or famous titles, most of which have sold between ten million and over a hundred million copies.

To Kill a Mocking Bird                                                              Forever Amber
Catcher in the Rye                                                                  The Three Musketeers
A Tale of Two Cities                                                                Lord of the Rings
Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone                                  The Alchemist
The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe                                      The Eagle has Landed
Lolita                                                                                      Watership Down
The Bridges of Madison County                                                Fifty Shades of Grey
Flowers in the Attic                                                                  Valley of he Dolls
Kane and Abel                                                                        The Wind In the Willows
Nineteen eighty-four                                                                Shogun
The Grapes of Wrath                                                               Catch 22
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy                                       The Kite Runner
Life of Pi                                                                                The Thorn birds
Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus                             The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
The DaVinci Code                                                                  Dune


1. Tick those you have heard of before.
2. Put a second tick by those you have read (just seeing the film does not count!)
3. Go through those (that you have heard of) that you have not read and write, in each case, what you think it is about (60 words maximum).
4. Go to any you have never heard of and write what you think it might be about (100 words Maximum)

Share and discuss.
If time write a Review of your favourite from the list (or another title if you prefer) Finish for homework and send for posting on book review pages if you would like it to go on the blog.

NB Read. How to write reviews for tips before you write your review

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