Dec 12

Writing in Different Ways

Writing in different ways

Words From Context

We are going to do three short pieces today and talk about different ways of writing about the same thing.

1. Write a short piece, a scene from a fictional story, in which someone is accused of something. eg

A child is accused by a classmate of stealing from his coat pocket in the cloakroom
A man is arrested on suspicion of the murder of his missing wife
A wife accuses her husband of cheating
Someone is accused of passing on confidential information
NB. You may make up any scenario that involves an accusation taking place.

Write in the THIRD PERSON. You may use past or present tense

Share examples from two people and discuss briefly.

2. The second task is to take the same example but now write in the FIRST PERSON and give the point of view of the accused. You must decide if they are innocent or guilty and express their feelings about the incident and the surrounding circumstances.

Ask two more people to now share both their pieces and begin the discussion about style and which version gives more/better insights.

3. Write a report of the incident eg a police report, a head teacher’s report, a newspaper report, as appropriate.

Share and discuss all remaining pieces if time, comparing the styles used, the language and vocabulary and if and how the emphasis changed eg from the incident to the character, from a simple issue to wider implications etc.


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