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Starting from very little information
Explain: You are going to be given a short passage. Read it to yourself, carefully.

Do not read it out loud or ask questions at this stage.

Think about what could be happening, what could have happened so far leading up to this, who is speaking/writing, what might happen next?
You have 15 minutes to write your version of the story so far, in outline
A further ten minutes to write the reply to this message.

Give half the group version A of the passage and the other half version B
Do you love me as you say? You do think about your family I know. They are important and you have to consider your obligations. To me, it seems you are prevaricating.
Because of our child, only bear in mind what it means to us if you follow your heart. Do what is right by us.
I can never be happy when we are apart. I miss you so. How can we be together soon?
You must decide what to do.
Do you love me? As you say, you do think about your family. I know they are important and you have to consider your obligations.
To me it seems you are prevaricating because of our child only.
Bear in mind what it means to us. If you follow your heart, do what is right by us, I can never be happy; when we are apart I miss you. So how can we be together?
Soon, you must decide what to do.
Share some and discuss.
T ry to make sure that there is a mixture of version A and Version B in the first batch. Presumably they will produce noticeably different results.
Discuss why, read the rest and then compare the two versions.
How well did they concoct a story from so little information? How important is punctuation?


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