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The Right Type of Ending can Make your Story

The Right Type of Ending Can Make your Story

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Read ‘ Choosing an ending for your story’ and ‘Writing Endings for your Story’ before the session.
As with the session ‘Choosing an Ending…’ we are going to start by making up a story and telling the beginning and the middle in a 200 word synopsis.
Share and briefly discuss possible endings for each story.
Putting those aside go back to the story from the previous session, ‘Choosing an ending for your story’ in which two people meet on line. Read the story so far, the two suggested endings and then discuss the type of ending which would best suit the story:
In the first of the two suggested endings should the story just stop, at the point where Trevor is killed? (Sudden/shock ending at the climax of the action).

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Should there be a final chapter in which all is summarized and explained? Where we learn a bit more about Trevor and his history and also what happens to Meg after the last violent scene, maybe she goes to live somewhere else, takes a new job and makes a fresh start a little older and a lot wiser. Maybe there is a hint of a possible romance with the police officer that ‘saved’ her. (Conclusion).

Perhaps we should have an situation similar to the ‘conclusion’ ending but with the final twist of a last hint that Meg was not a totally innocent party, but the manipulator and the new man in her life is now in danger of suffering her obsessive behaviour or of becoming the victim of her need to punish ‘men’ for what Trevor has done? (Twist in the tale with a touch of ambiguity).

Discuss the second ending in a similar way.
Going back to the synopsis each member wrote earlier, they should now decide on the ending to their story, briefly outline the rest of the plot and decide on the types of ending of endings that might work. Choose the one they think is best.

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The right type of ending really can ‘make’ your story:

Focus on the type of ending which is just as important as what happens in the storyline if you want to make an impact on the reader.

Share and discuss.

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