February 2016 archive

Feb 28

Author, Author!

Author, Author!     Author, Author! is the traditional cry at the end of a brilliant performance.   If we may call the talk given by author Harry Dunn, to our writing group, ‘a performance’ then we should send up the cry. The group met in the Clock House Tavern on Friday 26 February 2016 …

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Feb 27

Writing Group Session: Unpacking Conversation.

  Writing Group Session: Unpacking Conversation Task 1. To show how important dialogue can be in a story, let’s look at just part of a conversation and see just how much we can guess about what is going on in the story.   Look at the following passages and jot down what you can tell …

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Feb 22

HOLY WAR by Chris Want

  HOLY WAR by Chris Want     I’d spent the night in the watch house Damp of foot, driven mad by louse Longing for light, yet when it came Battle commenced, always the same. Pure Hell this was, day after day. Yet for us there was no other way.   ***   Religious leaders …

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Feb 14

A Price Worth Paying by Andy Wilson

A Price Worth Paying by Andy Wilson In ‘A Price Worth Paying’ by Andy Wilson, deep sea diver, James Andrews, is held responsible for a multi million pound marine disaster which destroyed an oil rig and killed two of his friends. Unable to remember the details, but convinced that he would never have done what …

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Feb 12

Writing Ghost Stories

Writing Ghost Stories Why do people write ghost stories? Firstly, to entertain; There is little doubt that from childhood on we actually like being scared, as long as we are safe at home in the real world. They are ‘escapism’ of the spooky kind, designed to provide that vicarious thrill. Secondly writing ghost stories, tales …

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Feb 10

The Danish Girl by David Ebershoff

The Danish Girl by David Ebershoff   The Danish Girl, by David Ebershoff opens in Copenhagen in 1925 with a wonderful enigmatic four word sentence – ‘His wife knew first.’ Greta asks her husband Einar to wear silk stockings and feminine shoes to pose for her, so that she can continue painting a portrait in …

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Feb 04

Poetry Competition Finalist!

Poetry Competition Finalist!   This Poem by a Lanzarote Creative Writing Group member was a poetry competition finalist. Leigh Whiting’s poem ‘Reverent Salutations to the Seasons’ was the runner up in The Writing Magazine poetry competition. The theme was ‘Seasons’. Leigh also writes short stories and is a keen member of the writing group. Reverent …

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Feb 02

Writing Dialogue Part 2: Punctuating Dialogue

Writing Dialogue Part 2: Punctuating Dialogue One thing that budding writers often ask about is actually setting out dialogue on the page. ‘Writing Dialogue Part 2: Punctuating Dialogue’ gives a short guide to some basic rules.                                       …

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Feb 02

Writing Dialogue Part 1

Writing Dialogue Part 1 When talking about writing dialogue there are two elements to consider: Why and how do we use it? (Part 1) How do we punctuate it correctly? (See Writing Dialogue: Part 2 for few tips about punctuation when writing dialogue.)   In fiction writing there needs to be a balance between dialogue, …

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