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Poetry Competition Finalist!

Poetry Competition Finalist!


This Poem by a Lanzarote Creative Writing Group member was a poetry competition finalist. Leigh Whiting’s poem ‘Reverent Salutations to the Seasons’ was the runner up in The Writing Magazine poetry competition. The theme was ‘Seasons’.

Leigh also writes short stories and is a keen member of the writing group.

Forest, Trees, Waldsterben, Dead Plant, Mood, Bleak

Reverent Salutations to the Seasons

In the beginning
I was alone and winter cold.
You entered my garden
and tiny green shoots of feelings
raised their hands for your attention.
Blessed by warm, sun kissed days
and longer daylight hours,
My garden blossomed
Spring, Blossom, Bloom, Purple, Bühen, Plant, Violet
Spring became Summer,
my garden
a myriad of flowers
vibrant, rich and sultry,
rollicked under the scorching sun.

As temperatures soared

passion knew no bounds,
its thirst unquenchable!
Field Of Poppies, Sun, Spring, Nature, Summer
Austere Autumn, chilled
the Summer gibberish-giddiness.
Regal, richly dressed for battle
in burnished bronze and golds,
Autumn tore and tossed
the scorched leaves
and fading flowers,
to the wind.
 Forest, Autumn Forest, Colorful, Trees, Leaves, Autumn
Battle scarred,

Autumn’s tears turned to ice,

 With icy fingers, Winter spread
its magnificent, majestic white coat
as Winter encroached
upon my garden.
Trees were stripped bare,
the landscape left barren.
Forest, Trees, Waldsterben, Dead Plant, Mood, Bleak
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    I think this is brilliant!! ♥

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