Feb 14

A Price Worth Paying by Andy Wilson

A Price Worth Paying

by Andy Wilson

In ‘A Price Worth Paying’ by Andy Wilson, deep sea diver, James Andrews, is held responsible for a multi million pound marine disaster which destroyed an oil rig and killed two of his friends. Unable to remember the details, but convinced that he would never have done what they say, he is determined to uncover the truth. He finds himself threatened by the world of corporate corruption and drugs and realises that he needs to get away while he recovers from the accident and can find a way to vindicate himself.

He becomes a diving instructor on the island of Lanzarote but unknowingly he challenges a ruthless confederate of the very people he is fleeing.

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‘A Price Worth Paying’ by Andy Wilson is a well plotted adventure with drama and great entertainment value, clearly defined characters and the perfect setting. The author’s familiarity with Lanzarote enhances the book, as does his knowledge of diving. I think this novel would appeal equally to male and female readers and definitely to anyone who knows Lanzarote or has dived there.

Sue Almond

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