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HOLY WAR by Chris Want



by Chris Want




I’d spent the night in the watch house

Damp of foot, driven mad by louse

Longing for light, yet when it came

Battle commenced, always the same.

Pure Hell this was, day after day.

Yet for us there was no other way.




Religious leaders said we must

Obliterate others, even to dust

For daring to say they didn’t believe

Rejecting our faith. Let them grieve.

Heathens must die, families all

Deserving, their people must fall.




For if by chance, they should prevail

Our leaders rule could then but fail.

Great power they have, these holy men.

The sword is mightier than the pen.




They’ll fight to keep what suits them best

Their rant and ire directed west,

East, south or north it matters not

Where on the map they place their dot.

What matters most is their own power

Over all mankind they would tower.




And us now, soldiers to a man

What makes us fight? Can’t we just ban

This violent, bloody way of life

Return back home, renounce the strife?




In my small shack there’s thirteen more

To house and feed, yet we’re dirt poor.

Our assets gone to Global Trade

Foreign business vast wealth has made.

We can’t survive on what is left

The choice is fight or live by theft.




I’m on my own, no ties bind me.

Bitter and angry, war holds the key

To give me a role, identity,

A purpose, camaraderie.





And a promise to those who fall

Acceptance awaits in that great hall

Where gifts abound, eternal bliss.

Next life rewards much more than this.

Fear not the loss of this cruel earth

All will be better, a rich new birth.




So, now I’ll fight; it’s the only way

Of life I know; and thus I may

Be violent, cruel, heartless and more.

Hatred seeps through every pore.

Careless of those whose life I take

No love I’ve known; no love I’ll fake.




Following on from those who lead

In course of time we will succeed.

I care not if my faith is blind

E’en less what happens to mankind

For now I breathe and have a role

Confident this way will save my soul.







This poem developed from a line of Banjo Patterson (of Waltzing Matilda fame); “I had spent the night in the watch house”



Copyright © Chris Want. May 2013

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