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Writing Group Session: Writing Dialogue

Writing Group Session: Writing Dialogue

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Before doing this writing group session, please ask the group members to read the link here Writing Dialogue (Part 1)

Task 1

Write a piece that could be an extract from a longer story, or novel. It needs to be written as part of the  text, as it would appear in a book, but using mainly dialogue in this passage:

  • Two people who have not seen each other for years meet by chance and go immediately to a have a coffee (or a beer) together and catch up. One is successful and happy but modest.
  • There is one thing that s/he does not want to talk about/divulge.
  • The other person wants to make a good impression and is upbeat and positive but has a broken marriage/relationship and a                 recent devastating redundancy to contend with.

Share and discuss. Remember to focus on use of dialogue rather than just the story line.

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Task 2


Read the handout/link: Punctuating Dialogue (Writing Dialogue Part 2)


In pairs check through your pieces and see if you are happy with the punctuation.


Discuss with the whole group any queries or issues that have arisen.


Task 3


Go through your piece and cross out all the dialogue tags (he said, she said, he replied….)

Is it still clear who is speaking at all times?

If time, or for ‘Homework’:

If not how can you improve it with the minimum of changes/least number of dialogue tags? Has that improved the original version ?



Exchange Of Ideas, Debate, Discussion, Entertainment


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