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The Second Wife by Kishan Paul

The Second Wife

By Kishan Paul

Review.: The Second Wife by Kishan Paul:


David Dimarchi’s wife disappeared without trace two years ago. The thirty-four year old surgeon has never ceased mourning her loss.


He has formed a new relationship and is finally attempting to move on when he is told by a stranger that his wife Ally is alive and desperately needs his help.


Alisha Dimarchi has been in Pakistan, imprisoned in a compound by a man she met as a client, in her practice as a psychologist. Obsessed with her he has forced her to live as ‘the second wife’. He beats and abuses her and threatens to harm her family if she tries to escape.


Terrified of trusting the wrong person, but lacking the resources and experience to save her on his own, David embarks on a rescue with the help of a Delta Force Operative whose motives and loyalties he is not at all sure of.


The book shifts between Alisha’s story, from the time of her abduction, and David’s discovery that she is alive and his subsequent actions, over two years later.


The suspense is well maintained and the story is quite gripping. Much of the success of the plot hinges on an acknowledgement of reality. David is real and credible; he has tried to move on despite everything. He is not a swashbuckling hero with knowledge of weapons and the terrible underworld of drugs and illegal arms dealing that he finds himself in. Alisha has survived by trying to bury her emotions and removing herself mentally from her nightmare situation whilst finding strength she did not believe herself capable of.


The plot is well developed and well paced if at times the emotions of the main characters are described in quite a lot of detail. I think it would have worked with less but succeeds because it is well written and the author is able to create empathy and involve the reader.


Sue Almond



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