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Writing about writing groups

Writing about writing groups

Tricia Maw Novelist

Tricia Maw Novelist

In the January issue of Writing Magazine one of our regular visitors, Patricia Maw had an article published about the writing group that she belongs to in Brixham in Devon. She is always a welcome addition to the Lanzarote Creative Writing Group when she visits the island, for several weeks once or twice a year. All the members of the Brixham Writers Group are published authors and Trish gives credit, for her own success, to a writing course she attended in 1987 and the support and encouragement of the group.

Any skill can be improved with regular practice, good advice and constructive criticism and there is always a social aspect to spending time with others who share your passion.

Although the groups are run very differently, and there is no one way to do anything, Trish also finds the Lanzarote group stimulating and she enjoys the company of a friendly group of people once a week whenever she is here.

One of our most recent, new members, Norman Warwick has also been writing about writing groups this week, ours! His article, reproduced below has appeared on the all across the arts page (produced by Norman Warwick and Steve Cooke) of four Newspapers in The Manchester Evening News Media Group.

Writer, Shadow, Man





Last week brought a dreadful shock for half a dozen early arrivals among members of Lanzarote Creative Writing Group who unlocked the door of their meeting room to discover, in the middle of the floor, the obviously murdered body of one of their colleagues.


The above sentence contains quite a bit of journalistic licence. The more mundane truth is that every member of the group is individually taking on the task of completing a play from a few opening lines to commence the above synopsis. The play agreed to be the most interesting is likely to be produced as a live reading, or even radio recording,, by the members, later in the year.


LCWG is facilitated by Sue Almond ( writersend.com ) and meets every Friday at 11.00 am at Dickens Bar in Costa Teguise in the centre of the island. She sets English writing exercises but there are members of various nationalities resident on Lanzarote


It sounds unlikely, doesn’t it, that one member of a writing group could be so jealous of a colleague’s way with words as to silence him or her once and for all? Surely no writing group member would begrudge a colleague some success on Kindle, or resent seeing colleagues’ books on sale in WH Smith? It is ridiculous, also, to think any writers, like my former members at Touchstones, might be so upset by the (feigned !) arrogance of their facilitator that they’d do him in.


Maybe the deceased had been hit with a writers’ block?


Perhaps this publicity, all the way from Rochdale and other places, will encourage us all to get writing and finish the play so that we can organise the script in hand performance pronto!

(Just as a matter of interest Norm, we have had members from other language groups, in our long history, Canarian, German and Dutch spring to mind immediately, and their ability to join in and contribute in a second language was humbling!)

Members celebrating 10 years of LCWG in 2015

Members celebrating 10 years of Lanzarote Creative Writing Group      in 2015







Sue Almond

April 2016


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