May 2016 archive

May 30

Life’s Considerations

Life’s Considerations. Shall you live without charity? Without honesty or decency Or morality With yourself be prepossessed With material things be obsessed Ignore the weak and dispossessed Forget the basics of humanity Forget the basics of Christianity Shall you consider a fool He who would live by the unwritten rule Of civility and courtesy, Taught …

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May 23

Ironman 2016

Ironman 2016 Ironman Lanzarote, 21 May 2016. A qualifier for the world championships, some say that Lanzarote is the toughest course on the whole Ironman circuit. Be that as it may, everyone who has the courage to even enter, the determination and discipline to train and take part, the spirit to succeed that keeps them …

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May 20

The Drowning Lesson by Jane Shemilt

The Drowning Lesson By Jane Shemilt The Drowning lesson by Jane Shemilt is a well paced novel that moves between the story of a family dealing with the abduction of their baby and the background leading to their sojourn in Africa. Fiercely competitive Emma, the narrator, and her husband Adam are both successful doctors living …

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May 12

Ghost Stories: Writing Group Session

Ghost Stories: Writing Group Session   Before the session members should read ‘Writing Ghost Stories‘ for ideas and suggestions which they may find helpful. As well as short stories and longer novels, spooky stories lend themselves well to poetry. Poetry allows the use of enigmatic and allusive passages through figurative ¬†language; similes and metaphor, personification, …

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May 03

Wasted Lives

Wasted Lives A short story by Ann Collins The house stared at her with blank eyes, bleary with an accumulation of grime. Paint peeled forlornly from the front door, the tarnished knocker askew. Emma trod gingerly along the path, negotiating the tangled weeds. She fished the keys from her bag, took a deep breath and …

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