June 2016 archive

Jun 28

Writing Exercise: Grasshopper

Writing Exercise: Grasshopper     This is a speed exercise in which members are given only a few minutes to complete a task and then make a mental jump to another. It is about being able to think quickly, respond to a stimulus idea imaginatively but leap from one thing to another, like a grasshopper! …

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Jun 20

Writing Exercise: Take Three Characters

Writing Exercise: Take Three Characters. There is always another way to approach a story. In this exercise, which may take two or three sessions to complete, you are asked to start by deciding what has happened. The story is about an event that is somehow significant in the lives of three people. Suggestions: Bereavement and …

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Jun 12

Writing a Radio Play

Writing a Radio Play This activity is intended to follow the sessions on ‘Dialogue’, in which we saw how much we can convey in dialogue in stories. See: http://writersend.com/2016/03/11/writing-group-session-writing-dialogue/ Now the members are going to tell a story virtually all in dialogue by writing a radio play. They should read the following before the session: …

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