July 2016 archive

Jul 30

Evoking a Setting for your Story

Evoking a setting for your story   See: Establishing the setting   Evoking, rather than describing in detail, a setting for you story can be aided by reference to a variety of things. (In the past we have practiced using buildings and clothes. See: Creating the setting) This exercise uses the notions of food and …

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Jul 25

Finding Inspiration for your Writing Out and About 1

Finding Inspiration for your Writing Out and About   There are all sorts of places to look for inspiration when you are out and about. (But do remember to carry a notebook!) Airports  and train or bus stations: Look at the people around you. Observe what they are wearing and their facial expressions. Where is …

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Jul 20

Ghost Story: a poem

Ghost Story: A poem   As a response to the Writing Session brief ‘Write a ghost story‘ I decided on an impulse to try it as a poem:   Late, unlamented… The first time he saw, from the corner of his eye, The light in the mirror, he didn’t know why, But he found himself …

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Jul 13

Writing about when ‘something went wrong’

Writing about when ‘something went wrong’ Saying ‘something went wrong’ suggests strongly that the speaker, or writer, does not know what it was that went wrong. Otherwise why not just say, someone was late, the person responsible did not place the order, the wrong part was fitted, the customer did not pay the bill…. If …

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Jul 05

The Drago Tree

The Drago Tree By Isobel Blackthorn The Drago Tree is a multi-layered book. On the surface it is the story of Ann Salter, a geologist who arrives on Lanzarote seeking peace and solace after the breakdown of her marriage. She meets Richard, an author and married man, with whom she has an unsatisfactory flirtation. Through …

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