August 2016 archive

Aug 29

The Widow by Fiona Barton

The Widow by Fiona Barton ‘The Widow‘ in question, in this psychological thriller by Fiona Barton, is Jean Taylor the wife of a man who has been killed by a bus, taking with him to his grave, it seems, the truth about whether he did or did not kidnap and murder two year old Bella …

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Aug 23

Crossing the Rubicon

Crossing the Rubicon   If you suffer that sore affliction That comes with a profound addiction To the drug that adjusts your social attitudes Increases your social platitudes The harbinger of the temporary smile Changes the mindset though only for a fleeting while When your life’s problems become too much Loneliness, despair, malcontent and such …

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Aug 19

What is the Background of your Story?

What is in the background of your story? Before this session the members should read Active and Passive Detail.   You are going to write a short passage, about 250 words, based on one of the following:   A woman walks through a seaside town on her way to meet her daughter whom she has …

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Aug 12

Sorry. No time to talk!

‘Sorry. No time to talk!’ ‘Much as I enjoy a good debate, we urgently need to decide which of us will be sacrificed so we can gain some height,’ trilled the deipnosophist, languidly wiping the grease from his chin and throwing the bone of the last chicken leg from his picnic hamper over the side …

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Aug 05

The Ice Twins

The Ice Twins     The Ice Twins by S. K.  Tremayne is a gripping novel, a ‘real page turner’ but it is a disturbing read. The story is awful, in the real sense of the word. A middle class family is torn apart when one of their identical twin daughters is killed in a …

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