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The Ice Twins

The Ice Twins



The Ice Twins by S. K.  Tremayne is a gripping novel, a ‘real page turner’ but it is a disturbing read.

The story is awful, in the real sense of the word. A middle class family is torn apart when one of their identical twin daughters is killed in a dreadful accident. But that is only the beginning.

The father, Angus, loses his job after striking his boss. Financial problems make it necessary for them to move to a tiny island in the Hebrides, inherited from his aunt, and the isolated, tumbledown cottage which was once the lighthouse keeper’s home.

Then Kirstie, the surviving twin, starts to insist that she is Lydia and that the twin that died was Kirstie! Is it possible that parents could make such a mistake? They don’t believe it at first, but it soon becomes clear that the story of what happened to the twin they lost is definitely confused and their marriage starts to fall apart rapidly as the background gradually emerges from a mass of suspicions and secrets.

Part of the story is told in the first person by Sarah which is a clever device that works well to show the reader her ‘immediate’ state of mind. The rest is a third person narrative, leaving us to get to know and understand Angus only through his wife’s perspective and an anonymous narrator.

The plot is underpinned with strong hint of the supernatural. Is the twin who died haunting her sister? Or is there another explanation for her bizarre behaviour and the rejection she experiences from other children at her new school? It is difficult to write about The Ice Twins without giving too much away.

The setting is grim and the atmosphere is extremely well created. The characters are flawed but empathetic and credible. The pace is excellent and the dialogue is skilfully used to create tension and show how the relationships change and to move the story along.

A difficult theme but certainly a memorable book.

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