Aug 23

Crossing the Rubicon

Crossing the Rubicon



If you suffer that sore affliction
That comes with a profound addiction
To the drug that adjusts your social attitudes
Increases your social platitudes
The harbinger of the temporary smile
Changes the mindset though only for a fleeting while
When your life’s problems become too much
Loneliness, despair, malcontent and such
And you turn to that liquid crutch
And quaff deep
To the trill of the hunting horn
Sounded each day by John Barleycorn.
He is without compassion
He will own you in every fashion
He has no conscience, he will not rest or tarry
His burden you must carry.
Onward, onward, faster faster
As you approach the final disaster
The Prince of Darkness has become your master.

As your neurosis goes on and on
As friends leave one by one
When they wonder at your latest profanity
Wonder at your sanity.
And finally when you are alone
Memories of the man you once were cut you to the bone

The one constant in your life
A loving caring wife
May perchance hold you to her breast
As she whispers you must face the test.
Now give it up, give it up if only for me
Dear God return the man that used to be.

And through the chronic pain,
You see it must be the end of alcoholic reign.
Fore swear the drink and all it’s quirks
Fore swear the Devil within and all his works.
You must fight, fight,fight
Until once more you walk in the light
Then when you realise you have won
The days of dependence long since gone
My friend, you have crossed the Rubicon.


Copyright © Ray Targett 2016


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