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Finding Inspiration for your Writing, Charity Shops

Finding Inspiration for your Writing


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Charity Shops


  1. When you are out and about, try finding inspiration for your writing in the second hand and charity shops. Jot down a few interesting items which you are almost sure to find there. Who owned that item? How did it get it? Why do they not want it any longer?Clock, Old, Time, Retro, Antique, Vintage, Minute, Hour
  1. Look at the assistants working in the charity shop. Can you find a character tag, something you could say about them to ‘get them in’ as a character if you were writing about them?


Choose an item that you have, or might have seen in a charity shop.

Write a story about how it came to be there.


Bring the item to life and tell its story in the first, or third person.


Write a short story about someone working in a charity shop. How and why did they come to be doing this? What is their back story?

Write about ‘A Day in a Charity Shop’. This might be an ideal topic to use to try your hand at a humorous story, it could be a poignant tale or it might even be a mystery involving a ‘lost’ or ‘stolen, or unexpectedly valuable item ….

The possibilities are endless.
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