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Looking Back to the Past for Story Ideas

Looking Back to the Past for Story Ideas

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Members need to read: ‘Looking Back for Inspiration to Write’ in advance and, if possible, do some research into the topics mentioned.

(NB. The coordinator needs to supply a few examples in case none, or very few are brought by members).


1).Invite the members to share any unusual or amusing ‘Last Requests’, ‘Wills’ or ‘Obituaries’ they have discovered. (OR discuss those on the above post).

Discuss how some of them might make the basis for a story, the genre, ‘voice’ they might lend themselves to and whether suitable for a short story or a novel.


2).Ask if they have uncovered any old diaries, letters or characters from a family tree that they would like to share.

Similarly talk briefly about what kind of stories they might inspire.


3).Invite members to share any newspaper items they might have discovered and discuss how they might be used.

Are they suitable for a rewrite as a modern story? Is there a germ of an idea that leads to a completely different fictional story? Is there a ‘report’ that leaves a story incomplete, for which an ending might be crafted, eg a story of a disappearance, or robbery, or a murder?


Invite members to choose a starting point from within the discussion and begin a story, either the opening, a synopsis, or a complete very short story.Paper, Old, Vintage, Ripped, Document, Scribble

Share if time or continue as  homework and share next time.

NB. This could be three separate sessions depending on time and numbers.



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